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First of all this asset pack is still under development, I am still learning as I am making this asset pack so feedback and suggestions are more than welcomed! ^^ 


This asset pack will provide assets to make horror interiors, schools, Dorms, and Outdoor nature.


-This asset pack is free to use for personal 

 use on any engine If you want to use it for a 

 commercial project please donate the equivalent of 4.50$ or more.

-Modifies and adaptations allowed

-Selling the asset pack separately  is not allowed

-Uploading the asset pack separately is not allowed

-Credit is not required but appreciated: (AnisAous)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Inside_C.png 142 kB
Inside_D.png 136 kB
Inside_E.png 97 kB
Outside.png 60 kB
License.txt 354 bytes
A4.png 68 kB
A5.png 63 kB
Bonus.rar 39 kB

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I like the new animated door sprite

Thank you! I am planning on adding a bunch of animated stuff as well ^^ 

Nice assets!

When exactly are you going to publish the full pack?

Hi! I'm glad you like the assets To be honest I'm slowly building the pack as I am progressing with my game, So I don't have a deadline for the moment but I'll be there soon enough since I'm about to start the mapping part, Are you planning to use my assets for a game? do you need a finished product? if yes how long are you willing to wait?  please let me know!

Well currently I'm working on a game using the godot engine and I also have to fix some bugs in my previous games on itch.io and I have thought of making a horror game next.

So I can wait for a few months and I think you should add more characters and monsters( like a book with fangs or a zombie chicken).

And I mostly use download assets from itch.io or kenney as I am not good at pixel art

Nicee! I also use godot engine hahah alight few months it is! I'm currently making an horror action rpg by then I should have finished the pack, and I'll post my project with premade scenes ( objects with  collision and animations) I'll also work on ennemies with 4 directions! I hope you'll like the result and good luck on your project as well ^^ 


Godot is easy to use and helpful in many ways especially for 2d games it is better than unity

Yep, I felt in love with Godot as well  :p

I tried using the tilesheets with the TILED workspace and it didnt quite work. What is the dimensions of the sprites and are they formatted properly? because the dimensions I put in make it so that multiple tile assets are chosen at once instead of the ones I want to be chosen.

Hmm I never used tiled, But try to set it 48*48 pixel grid size.

Wow! That's a really awesome asset pack!! Really great work!

Thank you! I'm Glad you like it! ^^


Can I use them to create a game and put it in my portfolio?

Ofc ^^

Hi. I would like you to know that i'm creating a horror game using some of your assets and style :). Thank you so much for your work and inspiration ^^


My man! You gave me motivation to work harder on this assets I was busy with coding but I'm going to take a break and work on the assets Thak you!

Glad to hear that :D
Let me show you how it looks like ^^


Oh my! it looks really good, Your mapping skills are impressive!! I always recommend this video to a friendly mapper! take a look at this Chanelle and your skills may level up., Oh, and Btw where can I follow your game?

Thank you for your amazing words ^^. Due to the way i'm creating the game can't apply stuff like that ambient occlusion trick, but will take a look at the light part :D, thank you. Right now i'm not showing off the status of the project anywhere but it might be a good idea. I'm programming it on Construct 2 from scratch and can't share any build yet, but here you have a preview video.


Subscribed! Good luck with your project ^^


Thank you!

Oh, do you use Godot? That's also my preferred game engine of choice

Yes godot is handy in so many ways!

I love the style! It's very unique and looks professional! One of these days I'd like to learn to make proper pixel art.

Thanks for your kind words,I know how hard it can be to focus on both your game code and art so take it easy ^^